Well, we here in Mos Eisley don’t generally dwell too much on history. For one thing, most of our visitors would prefer that their own history be forgotten. For another, most of us just don’t care about history.

However, we’ve noticed that tourists love to hear about this kind of stuff, so here we go: the history of Tatooine. Ah, but first, take off your North Face fleece jackets. You won’t need to either wear jackets or bring them along on a trip to Tatooin, unless you have a special cooling jacket since the planet is a harsh desert after the brutal attack by the Infinite Empire destroyed Tatooine’s plant life and oceans, allowing the heat of the twin suns to toast it to a crisp.

  • Once upon a time, this was a beautiful world covered with blue oceans and green trees and seasons and weather and all sorts of things that other planets still have. Along with copious flora and fauna, an intelligent species called the Kumumgah, who we know almost nothing about — mainly because their descendants are either unable or unwilling to tell us anything.
  • These Kumumgah were pretty advanced for their time, but they were no match for the Rakatan Infinite Empire, who invaded and enslaved the Kumumgah (as they did with every other planet and species they encountered. That’s kind of par for the course when it comes to the dark side of the Force).
  • But our plucky Kumumgah resisted, and ultimately won their freedom from the Rakata, who turned out to be poor losers; they nuked the planet from orbit (it’s the only way to be sure) and turned it into this nearly-waterless, sandy ball of misery that it is today.
  • Our varsity rivals, Anchorhead, have the honor of being Tatooine’s first settlement. In fact, they were the first, second, third, fourth…et cetera. Off-planet companies just couldn’t understand how little the planet had to offer, and just kept trying, failing, and trying again.
  • However, once companies had established the basic infrastructure and lanes, spacers found that Tatooine was far enough away from their problems to make it an ideal watering hole/ hideout/ networking venue/ etc. Well perhaps watering hole is the best description considering how dry it is.
  • Many centuries later, the Dowager Queen crashed into Tatooine. This isn’t all that unusual, really, except that the survivors decided to build a city around it (of course?). And here you are! By the way, the old Dowager Queen is now one of the finest lodgings in Mos Eisley, especially if you don’t have balance issues.
  • The native races of Tatooine evolved from the Kumumgah after the planet’s drastic climate change. They are the Jawas who are short and known for their scavenging (and occasional swindling), and Sand people (or Tusken Raiders) who are human-sized and known for their violent tendencies. Both the Jawas and the Sand people wear clothing that hides their faces and bodies, protecting themselves from the elements. There are humans living on Tatooine. Working as moisture farmers, most of them can barely sustain life on this hot, inhospitable arid planet.

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