Deal 1

Just take a look around, I could shoot you right here and nobody would even bat an eye. You are surrounded by a den of snakes and serpents. This place is best known for it’s cut-throats and thieves. There is no way for you to get out and it is impossible for your back-up to get in. If you are here for the wrong reason you will find yourself in a whole lot of trouble you might not be prepared for. You better tell me what you are looking for before I decide it is not important enough to listen. What do you want?

Please forgive me for being so forward. A friend told me I could find you here. I do not mean to be any trouble for you or your group of friends. I understand entirely the need for privacy and security these days. I also hear that this is the only place that is really and truly safe rom the prying eyes of the Empire. They seem to have their hand in every cookie jar they are able to reach lately. I am simply a traveler looking for safe passage below the radar. I would like to retain your services as I have been told you are the best smuggler there is, bar none. Is this true?

Well, well, you certainly seem to know what your talking about. I sure do like the sound of that but only because of how true it is. You know, my services don’t come cheap. It will take a pretty penny in advance to retain them and that fee is non-refundable should there be any problems with you making the arranged departure. There are plenty of others around who will be able to work for less and take payment upon completion of the task at hand but you will surely find them to be second class.

No, I understand that you have many skills which will come in hand for the journey. I will happily pay the required fee. How much do you want? It will be 50 up front and another 50 when I get you there one piece. When would you like to leave?

Wow, that is a heavy price-tag.

Would you like to reconsider?

No, I am sure that I will get my monies worth. I would like to leave right now if it’s possible.

Whoa, whoa, what’s your big hurry? There is no way I can leave until next week. I am a busy man, you know?

I am sorry but next week is simply unacceptable. I have a great many tasks ahead of me which are of great importance and need to be handled immediately. We need to leave now.

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