Board of Directors

Here, I would like to address some of the members of the board of directors. As you will see there is quite the array of questionable characters around. Should you be looking for just about anything you can find it here, for the right price that is. The board has been looking into investing in small, family owned private businesses while interest rates are low. They especially like a fast growing pizza chain in the western states, and a Baltimore moving company in Maryland The problem is that this strategy is full of risks that larger holdings are able to avoid. Also with less transparency, the vulnerability to fraud is high since there is no objective way to arrive at valuation. This, on top of the questionable characters issue should probably be enough to keep you interested. But people are watching as well as listening.


An aside from Las Vegas Nevada | 2020
Because of the Covid-19 pandemic my kids have been on remote instruction so far this school year. Clark County schools are considering reopening in the new year, but as COVID-19 surges, teachers are pushing back, adamant that the Clark County School District is not ready. We have decided that our kids are going to continue remote learning till the end of this school year. My daughter, who is 8, was on the computer today doing random? searches for some school project and came across this site. Her observation was she though there was something shady about the list of directors. Before I could take a look at what she was asking our doorbell rang. “Don’t answer the door. It’s just the spring water delivery dropping off our bottled water for the week.” We order our bottled water from a local company called Tahoe Springs, here in Las Vegas. I prefer their bottled spring water, but my wife likes their regular drinking water that is purified through an exhaustive seven-stage process that includes, not only reverse osmosis, active carbon filtration, macro and micro filtration, but also ozonization and ultra-violet light. So we get a 5 gallon bottle of each every week. I get to the door as the Tahoe Springs delivery guy gets into their truck. I yell a thank you and he waves in acknowledgement.

I return to my daughter’s computer, take a look at the page, and laugh. “What’s so funny?” she asks. I start to point out certain names, but the one she immediately recognizes is C-3PO. I then show her the home page of the site. She gets it and then spends the rest of the afternoon doing searches on all the names of the “board of directors”. She decidess to change the topic of the paper she is writing to Mos Eisley and the characters who inhabit the city that appears in a number of the Star Wars films. I’m glad to see her so engaged.


  • Ackmena – night shift bartender and occasional singer
  • Ponda Baba (“Walrus Man”) – ill-tempered brawler, mostly armless
  • Boelo – lead henchman of Jabba’s “Sinister and Shady” division
  • Danz Borin – bounty hunter, works for Jabba
  • BoShek (“Shekkie”) – Corellian smuggler, friend and competitor of Han & Chewie
  • Mosep “Mingo” Binneed – Nimbanel accountant for Jabba
  • Pons “Brainiac” Limbic – Siniteen smuggler with incredible navigation skills
  • Breedo – Rodian who swears up and down that he’s not related
  • Lirin Car’n – Jizz musician (klooist) with the Modal Nodes
  • Nalan Cheel – Modal Nodes’ talented bandfill-player
  • Chalmun – Wookie boss of the Double C
  • Swilla “Local Girl” Corey – Jerba herder and occasional thief
  • C-3PO – droid programmed for effeminate protocol and human-cyborg comic relief
  • Tedn Dahai – fanfarist specializing in Jizz
  • Figrin D’an – Modal Nodes bandleader, problem gambler, and virtuoso Jizz klooist
  • Hem Dazon – stranded salt addict, originally from Cona
  • Shada D’ukal – absolutely NOT one of the Tonnika sisters
  • Karoly D’ulin – absolutely NOT the other Tonnika sister
  • Challa Challa Wa – The Furon shaman known for his successful anti-aging treatments.
  • Trinto “Terminal Man” Duaba – professional snitch from Stennaros
  • Cornelius Evazan (aka Doctor Death, Roofoo, Doctor Cornelius, etc.) – amateur surgeon and troublemaker
  • Greedo (now deceased) – Rodian bounty hunter, legendary second-shooter
  • Dice Ibegon (now deceased) – time-shifting Florn Lamproid, passionate kisser
  • Dannik “Eater of Luck” Jerriko – bounty hunter and renowned soup chef
  • Kabe – furry, diminutive fan of juri juice
  • Kitik Keed’kak – Yam’rii female, sometimes mistaken for Zorak
  • Baniss Keeg (Chachi DeMaal) – Duros pilot, engineer, and real estate speculator
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi – just a normal old guy. Go about your business. Move along.
  • Ellorrs Madak (Ohwun DeMaal) – docking bay magnate, star of “Ohwun Loves Chachi” spinoff show
  • Kardue’sai’ “Labria” Malloc – Devaronian bounty hunter, avid music fan and butcher
  • Muftak – Talz orphan, friend of Kabe, and drunken shill for the US DOT
  • Momaw “Hammerhead” Nadon – exiled Ithorian high priest and tree-hugger
  • Doikk Na’ts – prize-winning Fizzzist, member of the Modal Nodes
  • Het Nkik (now deceased) – uncharacteristically assertive Jawa
  • M’iiyoom Onith – H’nemthe female, exceptional french-kisser
  • Arleil Schous – Defel mercenary, not often seen at night
  • Leesub “Weird Girl” Sirln – Qiraash force-sensitive hottie
  • Lak Sivrak (now deceased) – apparently replaceable Shistavanen scout and lover
  • Solomahal – Lutrillian hero of the Clone Wars, now Outer Rim spacer
  • Takeel (“Hunchback”) – Snivvian mercenary, spicer, and snitch
  • Feltipern Trevagg (now deceased) – horny Gotal bounty hunter and tax collector
  • Bom Vimdin – unscrupulous smuggler and merc, owner of the freighter Blood Freeze
  • Wioslea – Vuvrrian female who is absolutely not a Jedi (robes and lightsaber notwithstanding)
  • Wuher – master mixologist and no fun at all to talk to
  • Zutton (“Snaggletooth”) – Snivvian artist, author, bounty hunter, and not blue.

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