Guide to Mos Eisley

Welcome to Sunny Mos Eisley – Over Ten Centuries of Scum and Villainy!

The Mos Eisley Department of Tourism and Commerce welcomes you to our fair city. We know that you’ll have a wonderful stay, whether you are here to conduct business or simply enjoy the many sights and sounds of Tatooine’s Second City.

We won’t lie to you, the days can get warm here, VERY WARM. We highly recommend that you spend the daylight hours within one of our many shady establishments. Everyone who drops in whether they are space maritime lawyers from Naboo, freighter pilots, Sandtroopers, droids, gunslingers, bounty hunters, cyborg warmasters, Jedi masters from Coruscant, Mining Guild members, spies, or a host of other dangerous characters, you know who you are, are welcomed. You might luck out and actually get to hear our brilliant house band of musicians, Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes perform.

Even the internet gurus here are over the top. Consider that this site ranks high in Google due to hired guns like SEO operative Bob Sakayama and his loyal band of web soldiers, armed to the teeth with code weapons and data blasters who are determined to destroy the competition should they foolishly dare to show their faces here.

If you prefer to rest during the day, you’re in luck — Mos Eisley really comes alive when the sun goes down. Our long history of transience and traffic has led us to offer many places to hang your helmet, from the most affordable by-the-hour stalls of the Old Quarter to the most garish and overpriced rental villas in the New Quarter (and yes, loan refi is available).

While you’re here, you simply must visit the sprawling Mos Eisley marketplace (hint: if you’re outside, you’re probably already there). From scavenged parts to exotic delicacies, we cater to a wide range of tastes and tolerances. Don’t worry about the occasional Imperial checkpoint; they don’t really need to see your identification. You can go about your business. Move along.

Transportation is readily available, whether you’re looking for a speedy getaway, or simply a less strenuous way to cart that Hutt ass of yours around town. We recommend renting a speeder for at least one day of your stay, if only to get out of the city limits and take in the breathtaking natural scenery of our lovely planet. Don’t forget to pick up plenty of dust filters, stillsuits, and a small arsenal of personal weapons — many of the indigenous communities and wildlife can be less than friendly at times.

For a slower pace, or to haul away anything heavy that you may ‘find’, Dewback and Ronto rentals are also available from one of our many local livestock and transport vendors. When stranded, they have the added benefit of being edible — just try eating a broken-down speeder! (editor’s note — the last comment is pending removal after a number of confused questions by some of our more exotic readers).

Enjoy your stay, and we look forward to another participant in the pleasurable pursuits of what many have called “The Armpit of the Galaxy”!

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